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“Leanne's unique position of over 3 decades of experience in the Beauty Industry as a renowned Make Up Artist and creator of an iconic line of luxury cosmetics "Hirsh Skincare" in 1998 that was in 45 stores including Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Leanne launched her Luxury Botanical Fragrance  brand "Perfumera Curandera" in 2015

Working with many of the worlds leading beauty and fashion brands, top magazines and celebrities, Leanne is in high demand for her flawless makeup skills and additionally offers consultation and development for private clients and label brands. Her insight into market trends, along with her extensive knowledge of raw botanical materials, sourcing and production partners means she is perfectly poised to collaborate with her clients to design a Signature Formula for their brand, to develop a Signature Fragrance , a unique product line or refresh an existing one.”



 Leanne's approach to product development is rooted in wellbeing, working with natural healing herbs and plants, organic botanical scents, organic color, texture and high performance. Creative and rigorous she is committed to supporting ventures that are uncompromising in their use of high quality time tested ingredients, especially sourced from sustainable natural botanicals.



Consultation and Concept to formulation for Fragrance, Cosmetics, Skincare, and lifestyle products. Along with Product Development,  Leanne has an extensive network of Manufacturing Partners and seasoned creatives (Photographers, Art Directors, Graphic Designers and Creative strategists)  according to her clients budget and needs. Leanne can help you create a complete package for all your Branding, Packaging, Marketing and PR initiatives.


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